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NovusVision Appointment Manager

The Appointment Manager is a state of the art scheduling system. It uses color and visual cues to make even complicated multi provider displays easy to read and understand. The view can be filtered in real time to display either the schedule for the entire clinic, or just a single provider. The desktops are user configurable to allow for the display to default to the right view for each work station.

Office Defined Options in the Appointment Manager adapt the system to the precise needs of your office. Almost every aspect of what makes up a day can be changed and displayed: opening and closing times, appointment intervals from 5 to 60 minutes, user defined templates to set aside certain times in the day for specific types of appointments like "new patients" or "surgical follow ups", icon and color controls that can be associated with both appointment times and reasons, and appointment types that block off the right amount of time in the day depending on the reason for the appointment.
The system utilizes the Microsoft's SQL Database and instantaneous messaging to keep every user's display instantly up to date with the changes being made by other users.
Features Include:
· Office defined schedule, common reasons for appointments, and color schemes
· Reschedule from the existing appointment
· Automated phone calls to confirm patient appointments using a third party solution
· Return to clinic - reschedules from the existing appointment

    1. User tracking and reporting on schedule, reschedule, and update
    2. Financial class warnings for Collection, Bad Debt, etc.
    3. Simultaneous display of up to 14 providers
    4. Custom Reports
    5. Appointment Listing
    6. Patient Visit Summary
    7. New Patient Listing
    8. Superbills if desired



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