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NovusVision uses a live and interactive connection to the online pharmaceutical database to retrieve the patient's history of medications, drug allergies, and insurance coverage including their formulary.
NovusVision does much more than simply transmit electronic prescriptions. Notice the Alerts from Pending Medications, there are 2 Major and a Moderate interaction between the patient's known medications and the new prescriptions.

If a new prescription is not covered by the patient's formulary, the system will alert in real time and offer suggestions for alternate medications that are covered by their plan. Medication History displays not only what has been prescribed by the attending, but all the medications that have been filled by patient and recorded in the federally sponsored and mandated databae.

Controlled substances can be prescribed by enrolling the provider. Each prescription for a conrolled substance requires 2 step validation consisting of the physician's personal PIN and a 30 validation code sent via secure app to the physician's cell phone.  Controlled substances can only be prescribed if the user knows the PIN and has possessin of the registered mobile device.



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