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NovusVision Exam Screen

The Exam Screen is completely customizable and is designed to allow the physician to document each exam in the manner that seems most efficient and effective given the patient's condition. NovusVision will allow each provider the freedom to work within their preferred work flow. Options for capturing exams are:
Point & Click Templates - Designed and edited by the office staff, they can be created in house.

Free Text - System Review, Physical Exam, and Treatment Plan can be captured as free text and integrated into the final exam along with the point and click data. Free text can be captured either in the room using the keyboard or using voice recognition - or - if preferred the physician can dictate and have the transcriptionist enter information directly into the patient's chart.

Scanned Exam - NovusVision can print a chart summary that includes the information from the Nurse's exam and the physician can make pen and paper notes on the summary that get scanned in and attached to the patient's exam at checkout.

Other sections of the chart are available with a single click. The patient's Problem List, Prescription and Medication History, Lab Orders and Results, Previous Visit Notes, Images and Scanned Documents, and Charted Vital Signs are all available with a single click.

Here, the patient's problem list is displayed and sorted by Active and Resolved problems.


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